About us

We are a student run society here to offer members a bit of fun by arranging events throughout the year. We also help through educational events and offer general help and advice that gets passed down with every graduating year.

Some of the things we do include educational peer mentoring sessions, the Christmas Dinner, team building activity trips outside of uni and nights out. One of the biggest events we hold is the end of year Pharmacy Ball. This is a great night where everyone gets dressed up and dines with legendary entertainment from the lecturers’ band as well as surprise guests each year. A bit of fun to end the academic year.

We plan to have external speakers come in to talk to members about what careers and organisations they can be a part of now and once practicing as a Pharmacist. One point with that to our members – you should never feel restricted in pharmacy. It is a diverse subject and there is so much you can do with it.

One final point, which we feel is the most important…enjoy university. You are here for four years, which may seem a lot, but we promise you it will disappear!